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Lineage: Cross of “Charlotte’s Cherries” x The Wife
Original Breeder: 
Bodhi Urban | High Grade Hemp Seed

Cherry Wine itself is a cross of “Charlotte’s Cherries”, which is known for it’s 50:1 CBD richness and The Wife that drips with resin.

Terpene Profile: Sweet, spicy profile that’s consistent batch to batch


Difficulty: Easy to farm
Resiliency: High
Compliance:Full Term CBD 7.68%, THC 0.25%
Cycle: Flowers Later September to Early October
Inflorescence yield: 0.4-2 kg per plant
Yield of wet material per plant: 0.5-3kg per plant

The growing characteristics of Cherry Wine will make any hemp farmer happy. Normal germination time is 48 hours with maturity being reached at 8 to 9 weeks.

Our normal excellent germination rate of 95%, you are sure to have a carpet of seedlings in just days. Our in-house hemp farmers recommend that you plant 2,000 to 3,500 plants an acre.

Our high feminization rate of just 1 male per 4,000 females. Its flowering period depends on the region but generally, it is late September to early October.


“The Wife” was fully compliant from the start while delivering consistently high levels of CBD. As the cross between these two successful strains, Cherry Wine delivers high CBD rates while remaining THC compliant with CBD levels of 7.68% and THC levels of a comfortable 0.25%. 

Farmers can expect lush green buds with yellow veins and lots of hairs of yellow and red.


  • Used for muscle pain and relaxation
  • Body calm with mental clarity

Farmers can be sure of downstream demand for Cherry Wine. It is famous for frosty buds with a terpene profile that produces a sweet cherry floral frame layered with pine skunk undertones.

Effects of Cherry wine are known for producing a body calm and used frequently for muscle pain and relaxation while allowing the user to maintain an upbeat mental clarity. The taste and the effects combine for a desirable product that farmers will be happy to bring to market.