SWISS CANNABINOID SAGL has been founded thanks to a ten-year passion for this plant, the two founders have several years of experience in the cannabinoid industry. The company’s objective was since the beginning focused on the research and develop of new genetic lines
The company focuses on the evolution of cannabinoid’s based products to be offered on a large scale worldwide. Specifically, it focuses on the research and development of new Cannabis Sativa genetics. 
We are in process of registration of 2 new genetics as feminized seed in the European catalog. The process of registration is very long and it require at least 2 years to be done. In addiction, we haven't the power to guarantee that the process of registration will be made.
The first is a CBG variety called Anarkika (Strawberry CBD X Matterhorn CBG X Matterhorn CBG). The second strain concerns a new cannabinoid, the CBDV, which has been made thanks to the collaboration with Clay in Oregon that gave me a CBDV base to start from, this allowed me to produce Valentina CBDV, my first cannabidivarin hybrid.