SWISS CANNABINOID SAGL has been founded thanks to a ten-year passion for this plant, the two founders have several years of experience in the cannabinoid industry. The company’s objective was since the beginning focused on the research and develop of new genetic lines. A work started in 2014, and now the genetic library we created has about sixty different genetics or particular phenotypes. This result was also achieved thanks to partnerships with established pharmaceutical companies that have contributed to the development of the company.
The company focuses on the evolution of cannabinoid’s based products to be offered on a large scale worldwide. Specifically, it focuses on the research and development of new Cannabis Sativa genetics. We are the first company starting to develop genetics with a high CBG content and zero THC values. Is now underway the registration process for the first CBG variety authorized in the European catalog of cultivatable hemp varieties.
In the future we aim to become leaders in the CBD and CBG market of feminized seeds. To accomplish this we have started the registration of the first CBG strain in the European catalog, which will be available from 2020 in form of feminized seeds. In the near future we also expect to be able to offer genetic lines with other important cannabinoids such as CBC or CBDV.